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What Makes Us Different

Liability.  It's all about liability.

Features: Why Choose Us

What's So Important About Liability?

Your Castle

100 years ago the #1 dream in America was to own land.  The Oklahoma Land Run was the largest, most spectacular competitive event in human history.  Many of us are here in this state as a result of the dream of our forebears.  100 years later times have changed.  

Today, the #1 dream in America is to win the lottery and the #2 dream in America is to win a lawsuit.  We live in a vastly different culture and it has become litigious.  This reality makes the relationship you have with your insurance agent and agency become very important.  In fact, as your personal wealth grows this relationship becomes one of the most important professional relationships of all.

This is why we do what we do.  

If you add up everything you own (including a portion of your future earnings) and subtract out what you owe that's your net worth. 

Your net worth is your castle.  

You are the king/queen of your castle.  

Your castle needs protection from all the dragons and orcs that are out there waiting to ransack it.   

So, you need a wall.  

This wall needs to be big enough to protect your castle.

Your insurance liability limits are the wall that surrounds and protects your castle.  The bigger your castle, the bigger the wall you need to protect it.  

If you have a net worth of $50,000, you need at least $50,000 of liability to protect it.  If you have a net worth of $5 million, you need at least $5 million of liability to protect it.  If you have a loss the plan is for your castle to remain unscathed while your wall, the liability insurance, pays for the loss.  

You need three things:  1. An agency with the experience to advise you properly.  2. A wall of liability with limits sufficient to protect your net worth.  3. A company that is notorious for fighting, defending, and winning in court.  We represent the most effective, most respected, most capable insurance company in the USA.  

Keep the dragons and orcs at bay.  Review your insurance with us today.  

Available 24/7

Mayhem never sleeps. Neither do we.

Someone is always available to speak with you.  Our local offices keep normal office hours while our phones are staffed around the clock.

Multi Lingual Team

We have translation services in dozens of languages.

After English, of course, Spanish is by far our most requested language.  We also have translators standing by that speak dozens of languages.  Simply ask for a translator and tell us the language and we will conference together a confidential solution.

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